I can't delete Facebook

April 11, 2018 by in personal


After recent news (data exposure and privacy issues) lots of people are quitting Facebook. Some already did years ago, some of which had this personal crusade to make others delete it too.

I get it, Facebook is evil. You’re the product, they store everything you read, like and type there (even if you don’t publish it). If you have the mobile app you should stop reading and uninstall it (use the web mobile version instead, don’t install anything).

I agree. They’re bad for our privacy.

My problem is, Facebook has become the only channel of communication I have with some people. If I lose that channel, I can no longer be updated by what they do or even chat with them.

In the Haidong Gumdo world most of us, Korean masters, school owners… have Facebook profile and pages. That’s where I get new videos, fotos, event invites… For me it’s crucial to be there.

The only solution if for everybody moved somewhere else like a flock, which isn’t going to happen.

So for now, I’m still on Facebook. Yay…

Lee Young Badalona - Championship Results

Photo from the medals achieved from my school at the recent 4th Catalonia Haidong Gumdo Championship

Ricard Torres